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Adding Video

When adding video to a webpage, it is best to embed a video that is hosted externally as opposed to uploading a video file directly to Slate or Clean Slate

Since YouTube is the most popular choice for sharing video, we will cover the steps needed to embed a YouTube video into your website

1. Click on "Share"

Once you click on the share link options for sharing the video will be displayed

How to add video step 1

2. Click on "Embed"

Click on the embed link to display the embed code

How to add video step 2

3. Select and copy "Embed Code"

The embed code is what you will put into the content area of you website. Select and copy embed code and paste it into desired content area within Slate or Clean Slate.

How to add video step 3

4. More Options

Clicking on the "Show More" link will display more options

How to add video step 4

5. Change Parameters

Adjust your viewing options as needed.

How to add video step 5

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