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Web pages produced in direct support of and sponsored by WVU, WVU colleges, schools, departments, programs and offices are considered official WVU Web pages and are subject to review and approval by University Relations – Digital Services.

New Website Development

If your department is in need of a website, please fill out the on-line website request form. Once your request has been submitted, you will receive a follow-up email with-in a few days. If your request is approved our office will contact you to set up an initial meeting.

All websites that are currently using Slate will be moved into CleanSlate by June 1, 2017.

Content Tips

People scan web pages in search of the information that is important to them.

Important - If you don't need it on your webpage, then don't add it.

  • Start with the most important information or conclusion first, then follow with more content.
  • Use short paragraphs with the first paragraph being the most important. Try to use one idea per paragraph.
  • Use half the words that you would use in standard writing.
  • Don’t use your space or time for welcoming people. They are looking for valuable content and answers.
  • Bulleted lists are preferred. You can link to longer pages that have more details if you use this technique.
  • Use essential, meaningful sub-headings.
  • Don’t try to be clever. Some readers, such as non-native speakers of English, may not understand.
  • Do not to underline content. These appear as false links
  • bold or highlight keywords for emphasis
  • Strategically name your Web pages.

Photo Tips

Image resolution for web photos should be 72 dpi. Images should be thoughtful and used sparingly.

All images must have an alt tag. Alt attribute text should describe the purpose of the image with a short, concise description.

Images that are large file sizes can cause webpages to load very slowly. Tiny jpg is a great online resources for optimizing images for web use.

Using WVU Logos on the Web

  • The Flying WV should not be animated.
  • Use the official logo with the ® (registered trademark symbol) with the Flying WV or the Flying WV with West Virginia University beside it followed by the ®.
  • Do not create your own designs with the words West Virginia University.
  • Since nothing can be imposed on top of the Flying WV, it cannot be used as watermark in the background with text over it.
  • All of the same rules apply on the Web as with print concerning the Flying WV.
  • Do not use logos, logotypes, or wordmarks for your unit that are not approved by University Relations – Design.
  • Logos that compete with the Flying WV are only allowed under special circumstances and require the approval from University Relations.

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